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Radio crime show host "The Fox" finds himself on the trail of a serial killer while a suspect himself.

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original title: Whistling in Brooklyn

genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Mystery,Romance


imdb: 6.7

duration: 1h 27min

tags: JOIN THE FUN! Red's whistling again---and it's a riot in HIS NEWEST and FUNNIEST! (original print ad)


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Wally Benton, "The Fox," master detective on radio, is about to go with his sweetheart to Niagara Falls in order to get married. Unknown to him, his valet has told a newspaper reporter that Benton is "Constant Reader," someone who has sent information to newspapers about murdered people and where to find their bodies, thus making the police look bad. The police are sure that "Constant Reader" is the murderer himself, since no one else could know all of the details. And so they begin a chase after Benton, a chase which leads to old abandoned warehouses and old abandoned mansions. Wally is being chased not only by the police but also by the real "Constant Reader." Can he save his girl, his assistant, and the reporter and solve the crime before either the villain or the police, who have been told to shoot on sight, kill them all? Radio crime show host "The Fox" finds himself on the trail of a serial killer while a suspect himself. Red Skelton (Wally Benton), Ann Rutherford (Carol Lambert), Rags Ragland (Chester), Ray Collins (Kendall), Jean Rogers (Jean Pringle), Henry O'Neill (Inspector Holcomb), Sam Levene (Creeper), William Frawley (Detective Ramsey), Steven Geray (Whitey), Howard Freeman (Steve Conlan), Arthur Space (Detective MacKenzie), Robert Emmett O'Connor (Detective Leo Finnigan), Tom Dillon (Beavers manager), Emmett Vogan (radio producer), John Wald (radio announcer), Morris Ankrum (news editor), Edgar Dearing (desk sergeant), Grant Withers, Jack Mulhall, Bert Moorhouse, Charles Jordan, Jack Carrington, Sammy Blum (reporters), James Warren (sound man), Robert Winkler, Rudy Wissler, Buddy Gorman, Larry Harris (newsboys), Harry Strang (Gumbatz), Harry Tyler (gateman), Frank J. Scannell (Joe), Fred Toones (fan), Ray Teal (traded Beaver), Anthony Caruso, Charles Sullivan, Elliott Sullivan, Dutch Hendrian (henchmen), Dewey Robinson (Beavers trainer), Gil Perkins, William Haade (police sergeants), Lee Phelps (police dispatcher), Harvey Parry (worman), Garry Owen (taxi-driver with record), Mike Mazurki (helpful thug), Howard M. Mitchell (officer), George Magrill (Brooklyn fan), Mitchell Lewis (bearded spectator), Donald Kerr (taxi-driver), Sheldon Jett (suspicious man), Sam Hayes (baseball announcer), Billy Engle (balloon vendor), Eddie Dunn (coffee cop), Charles Dorety (drunk), Clancy Cooper (Officer Slocum), Billy Bletcher (announcer), Chet Brandenburg (painter), William Bishop (psychiatrist), Leo Durocher (himself), Loretta Rush, Lillian Yarbo, Dorothy Wilson, Sue Moore (women), and The Brooklyn Dodgers

Director: S. SYLVAN SIMON. Screenplay: Nat Perrin. Additional dialogue: Wilkie C. Mahoney. Photography: Lester White. Film editor: Ben Lewis. Art directors: Cedric Gibbons and Jack Martin Smith. Set decorators: Edwin B. Willis and Mildred Griffiths. Stunts: Gil Perkins. Costumes designed by Irene. Special effects: Warren Newcombe. Music: George Bassman. Assistant director: Al Raboch. Sound recording: John Dullam. Producer: George Haight.

Copyright 24 September 1943 by Loew's, Inc. A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Picture. New York opening at Loew's State: 23 March 1944. U.S. release: December 1943. Australian release: 13 September 1945 (sic). 9 reels. 7,825 feet. 87 minutes.

SYNOPSIS: Mistakenly identified as a serial killer, a radio sleuth (accompanied by his fianc辿e, his self-appointed press agent, and a nosy girl reporter) is pursued by both the police and the real criminals.

NOTES: Third and final entry in Red Skelton's Whistling series.

COMMENT: Although it's the weakest of the Whistling movies, there's a high-flying sequence in this entry that I'll never forget. Red and his comrades are hanging from a grid at the top of an elevator shaft. They hang from each other's legs and then swing this human pendulum in an effort to land themselves on the floor below. Great stunt-work, very effectively handled!

Unfortunately, the rest of the film doesn't reach this standard, though it has its moments of fun and suspense. The huge cast line-up helps.

The chief fault is Wilkie Mahoney's inane additional dialogue which lacks the sparkle and wit he brought to Whistling in Dixie.

The players do what they can with the talky screenplay and director Simon piles on the pace, but their efforts are often unsuccessful. Back in 1933, Ernest Truex starred in "Whistling in the Dark" and it was a charming little comedy/mystery. Eight years later, the film was remade with Red Skelton and is the much more famous version of the story--though I prefer the original. Despite my preference, the Skelton film was so popular that it resulted in two sequels...first "Whistling in Dixie" and then "Whistling in Brooklyn".

A series of murders have occurred and the police are baffled. However, when radio personality Wally Benton (Skelton) seems to know too many details about the killings, they assume he's the killer. Suddenly, cops are pouring out of the woodwork to arrest the guy. At first, he thinks that it's all a gag. After all, he and his fianc辿 (Ann Rutherford) are on their way to get married and his co- workers are always playing tricks on him. However, when he realizes they are firing REAL bullets, he and his girl and his idiot chauffeur are on the run. Soon, they are not just dodging the police but crooks as well and EVERYBODY seems to want to kill him.

The best part of the film is towards the end, where Wally pretends to be a baseball player in order to alert the police who the real killer is. But he has to be disguised and sports a beard...and knows nothing about playing ball. But, miraculously, all the stupid things he does seem to work! Overall, enjoyable and pretty much more of the same for the short-lived franchise. See: this FAQ entry


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